Best Eyeliner for Beginners

Despite all the complications eyeliners may present to makeup beginners, the lure of beautiful makeup can be hard to resist. Eyeliners, in particular, have the power to spice up one’s whole look with only a few strokes across the lids. 

It’s understandably intimidating with so many beauty gurus and products out there, but who can resist wanting to experiment once in a while?

Indeed, learning how to use eyeliner can be a fun beauty adventure. Let us join you by helping you pick the best eyeliner for beginners.

We’ve browsed through the products, brands, ratings, and reviews including the Kat Von D eyeliner to bring you a list of 8 of the best eyeliners for beginners. When you find out how easy their application is, your eyeliner journey will be a smooth, safe, and beautifying experience.

Let’s get started.

8 Best Eyeliners for Beginners

#1. NYX Professional Makeup Retractable Eyeliner Pencil – Best Eyeliner for Beginners

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Due to the ease with which you can create precise and darkly pigmented lines, the NYX Professional Makeup Retractable Eyeliner Pencil is the best eyeliner for beginners out there. 

It’s waterproof and has an unbeatable long-lasting pigment. It can be used on the skin between the eyelashes and the eye, otherwise known as your waterline, and the space just beneath your upper lash line, known as tightlining. 

A cult favorite for very obvious reasons, this pencil liner provides a very precise application and comes in a twist-up tube that doesn’t need sharpening.

It comes in 13 different shades: black, white, gray, gold, silver, bronze, brown, golden olive, aqua green, gypsy blue, deep blue, purple, and deep purple. If you like to experiment with shades other than the traditional black, you know where to go.


  • Waterproof and smudge proof
  • Easy on the pocket, you can find discounts and sales both in-store and online
  • Highly pigmented
  • It’s retractable so you don’t waste any product
  • Cruelty-free


  • Not the smoothest application, it’s quite difficult to blend
  • For application on the eyelid, a primer is required as it tends to smudge on oily lids

#2. L’Oreal Paris Infallible Lacquer Liner 24H – Best Day to Night Felt Tip Eyeliner

Gel liners are the holy grail for being super versatile. These liners feel ultra smooth on the skin and are precise. Plus, if you’re in the mood for a smokey eye look, you don’t have to reach out for your eyeshadow palette. Just smudge and blend.

The L’Oreal Paris Lacquer Liner lasts up to 24 hours so you can count on looking like your best self the whole day and night. 

This liner is available in 5 shades: blackest black, expresso, navy, slate, and bronze. You can achieve excellent pigmentation and the look you’re going for with just a few strokes. 

The Lacquer Liner gives a shiny and super dark finish immediately after application with hands but gets lighter and turns matte when it dries so if you want a super pigmented finish, let the first coat dry, then re-apply the liner again.


  • Eyeliner comes in a glass pot with a brush for easy application
  • Amazing pigmentation
  • Suitable for sensitive eyes, paraben-free
  • Won’t budge, it’s smudge proof too
  • Creamy formulas so it is easy to apply


  • Takes a while to dry
  • Requires re-application to get the full intensity and pigmentation as it tends to get a bit light while drying

#3. L’Oreal Paris Le Liner Signature Mechanical Eyeliner – Best Mechanical Eyeliner

The formula of L’Oreal Paris Mechanical Eyeliner glides smoothly across the lid, delivering a smooth flake-proof finish that their product page claims lasts up to 24 hours. It comes in 6 shades: noir cashmere, brown denim, taupe grey tweed, blue jersey, violet wool, and gold velvet.

The mechanical design ensures no product is wasted. Simply twist the mechanical pencil as needed instead of sharpening it. It gives a long-lasting, fade-resistant, and high-impact color.  


  • Applicator is easy to grip and use
  • Fragrance-free
  • Easy on the pocket
  • Matte finish


  • Not waterproof as advertised
  • Not good for looks that require a lot of precision

#4. Rimmel London Exaggerate Waterproof Eye Definer – Best Eyeliner for a Smokey Look

The texture of this best eyeliner for beginners is soft and creamy. It is a retractable pencil with a built-in sharpener and smudger. The smudger helps in creating more dramatic looks.

The waterproof formula lasts up to 10 hours and comes in 6 shades: rich brown, deep ocean, noir, blackest black, earl grey, and starlit black. 

This pencil eyeliner from Rimmel has an intense finish perfect for making your eyes look smoky and sexy.


  • Glides smoothly
  • Great pigment and range of shades
  • Fragrance-free formulas
  • Retractable design means no sharpening required


  • Not cruelty-free
  • Has a tendency to transfer to eyelids

#5. Nyx Epic Ink Liner – Best Precision Application Eyeliner for Beginners

If you like adding sharp wings and cat eyes to your look, Nyx Epic Ink Liner is your best choice. With its ultra-precise and flexible felt tip with rich pigmentation, this is a great liquid liner to experiment on new styles with. It comes in brown and black.

The body of the pen is easy to grip and helps in application. You can control the thickness of the lines by how much you press down as you draw. Nyx claims to have a waterproof eye liner formula, but we were quite disappointed to find that it tends to become flaky and come off after a while. 


  • Cruelty-free
  • Flexible brush tip
  • Great pigmentation


  • Formula is very liquid, needs 30 seconds to dry 
  • Tends to transfer to the crease of the eye while wet
  • Flakes off, does not last very long

#6. Elf Cream Eyeliner – Best Cream Cat Eye liner for Beginners

The Elf Cream Eyeliner comes in a small pot with a mini eyeliner brush. It has a soft and mousse-like texture with a thinner consistency than one would expect from a creamy liner.

It creates precise and defined lines perfect for those wings and cat eyes. You can count on this product for all-day wear. It is water resistant and can withstand sweat, tears, and rain. From ultra-thin to ultra-thick, this product provides you with incredible precision making it the best eyeliner for beginners.


  • Water-resistant and smudge proof
  • Pocket friendly
  • Can be used on the waterline
  • Cruelty-free and vegan
  • Can be built up and layered. 


  • The brush gets hard over time and can be difficult to use
  • It dries way too quickly
  • Most of the in-demand colors have been discontinued

#7. The Flick Stick by Lovoir – Best Instant Wing Tips Eyeliner

The Flick Stick by Lovoir is the best eyeliner for beginners who love the wing tip and cat eye looks. Each product comes with two ends: one with a wing tip stamp and a thinner felt tip applicator for your lash lines. This makes creating a cat eye wing fast, easy, and error-free. Now, you don’t need a steady hand to get those wing tips perfectly even. 

As a further enhancement, you can order the thickness of the wings you want from 8 to 12 millimeters. 

Lovoir offers a smudge proof, waterproof product that will stay around your eyes. They’ve also made application as easy as possible by placing the eyeliner liquid inside the pen. This means you don’t have to worry about dipping it in a pot and getting too much or too little product.

Because it works so well, The Flick Stick is incredibly popular and has elicited many rave reviews online and a lot of sales. 


  • Stamp works incredibly well 
  • Easy eyeliner application that doesn’t make use of potted creams
  • Smudge proof, waterproof formula 


  • Applied eyeliner doesn’t withstand hot temperatures very well
  • Not hypoallergenic formula, people with sensitive skin may experience irritation

#8. Mia Adora Call Me Unshakeable Black Gel Eyeliner Pen – Best All Around Gel Liquid Liners

Mia Adora’s Call Me Unshakeable Black Gel Eyeliner Pen is a good all around product that lets you create light and heavy makeup looks. The felt tip pen glides on smoothly to form a straight line and makes application easy.

Their waterproof formulation lasts up to 12 hours and can be used on sensitive skin. It is cruelty and paraben-free, and can be applied over eye makeup.


  • Can be used by people with sensitive skin
  • Easy eyeliner application
  • Smooth gliding tip that works even over eye make up
  • Cruelty and paraben-free


  • Pen dries out quickly if not used often enough
  • Smears easily

How To Apply Eyeliner Like A Pro

Eyeliner newbies may be intimidated by learning how to put on eyeliner, but it is definitely an eye-opening skill that pays off. Just like face powder and lipstick, eyeliner is a basic makeup staple because of its ability to dramatically enhance our eyes. 

Give your everyday look a new edge with our step-by-step guide for beginners where we go over the basics of choosing and applying eyeliner. Don’t take it too seriously if you don’t get it perfect the first few times. Like any good technique, it takes practice for beginners to master the application.

#1. Choose the Correct Eyeliner

You have 3 types of eyeliners to choose from: pencil, gel, or liquid. For beginners, pencil eyeliners are a good place to start. Gel liners and liquid eyeliners are harder to erase if you make a mistake.

#2. Get a Mirror and a Steady Hand

Find a comfortable position with a mirror in front of you. To ensure a steady hand, find a place where you can rest your elbows for when you begin applying your best eyeliner for beginners. You can also use your non-writing hand to lift your elbows while you work. 

#3. Draw a Line

Before you begin drawing and going on beauty adventures, use one of your fingers to pull your eyelid way outward towards your ear and tilt your head back. The more taut the skin is on your eyelid, the easier it will be to draw with a precision tip along your lash lines. 

Begin tracing along your upper eyelids with the eyeliner making it as close to the lashline as possible. If you are using a pencil, you can try to line your eyes a little at a time in overlapping layers. If you are using a gel or a liquid eyeliner, the result will be better if you do it in one straight swipe to avoid any struggle. 

#4. Blend the Felt Tip Liner into the Lash Line

If you are using a pencil liner, take a flat, blunt-edged brush and blend the eyeliner down into the lashline and across your eyelids in a straight line. This will fix any uneven lines and make your beauty application appear straighter. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

#1. What is the easiest eyeliner for beginners to apply?

Hands down, pencil eyeliners are the easiest to apply, especially for a beginner. Because the pigmentation is less intense than liquid and gel products, mistakes you make with pencil liquid  liners are not as obvious. The only disadvantage of these beauty liner pens and tattoo liner  is that they smudge easily and don’t last as long. 

#2. Can I use a gel-based eyeliner even if I’m a beginner?

Gel liners are more difficult to apply. If you don’t want to start with a pencil eyeliner formula, a liquid liner may be a good middle ground in terms of ease and nice pigmentation. After you get better at applying liquid eyeliner, you can give these eyeliners a try.

#3. What is the best liquid eyeliner for beginners?

Liquid eyeliner takes a bit more practice, but they are the best eyeliners for beginners and if you want darker-looking makeup and don’t mind the trial and error, go right ahead. It helps to choose a precise liquid eyeliner with a good applicator. 

#4. How do you remove eyeliner from the lashes?

A beginner should use a makeup remover. Take a cotton bud dipped in makeup remover. Gently swipe it over the lashes to remove the eyeliner. If you’re using waterproof mascara with your liner brush, use an oil-based makeup remover instead.

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